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You've been reading through the summer camp brochure, and you'd like some more information!  Great!  You're in the right place!

Inside the 2023 brochure, we talked about:

Camperships:  We are proud of our generous donors who provide financial assistance for families who apply for camperships.  Families are invited to apply here.  Applications for financial support are due by March 30 each year.  Please complete all sections of the campership application.  Our Campership Review committee uses all of the data provided, in order to make decisions about funding, so incomplete applications are less likely to receive support.  Decisions are NOT based solely on family income, but also consider family situation, recent changes in job status, loss of a loved one, medical challenges, etc.  Please use the application to tell your full story.  We strongly encourage families to work with school or other service providers to get their support for the applications.  School personnel, service providers, and families are all welcome to submit applications for the same child.  If you have further questions, please contact the office.

Refund Policy:  Sometimes things happen, and you may need to change plans after you've registered for camp.  Please understand that our staff will do everything we can to try to reschedule your camper for a different week, based on availability.  Refunds will be granted in the event that we receive your refund request in writing at least three weeks before your scheduled camp, AND we are unable to reschedule your week.  Cancellations for medical reasons (including COVID-19) will require written documentation from a medical provider before a refund will be issued.  Understand that each camper that we need to refund, without an ability to schedule another camper, is a very significant financial loss for Camp.  A camper who does not arrive, arrives late, leaves early, or attends only part of a session will not receive a refund.   

Living Areas:  Overnight campers are housed in cabins with counselor supervision.  Cabins range in size from 6-20 camper beds, and 1-4 staff per cabin.  The NYS Department of Health requires that all campers living in a cabin are within 24 months of age.  We do permit bunk requests, but such requests are not guaranteed.  While we make every effort to bunk campers per requests, there are times that logistical needs make it impossible to bunk specific campers together.  If you would like your camper to bunk with a specific friend, be sure that both campers are listing one another in the bunking request section of the camp registration form.  

It is important to know that we support campers as the gender with which they identify.  Families need to identify the gender of the camper during the registration process, and that information is used to house campers.  It is not our practice to challenge nor confirm the gender of any camper at camp.  Further, campers who are at camp, and request to be moved into a new cabin based on their gender identity may be moved if:

  • The parents/guardians of the camper is supportive of the move
  • There is space available in the desired cabin

We understand that housing campers based on gender identity may be concerning for some families.  Please know that for privacy reasons, we are not permitted to notify the families of other campers in a cabin when a camper is moved in for gender reasons.  

Meals:   Camp provides all meals for campers and staff during their stay with us.  Families with unique food needs are strongly encouraged to contact the camp office as soon as possible so that our Food Service staff can plan accordingly.  In extreme cases, families may choose to provide their own food for their child, and we strongly encourage you to reach out to us so we can support your preparation.  Our Food Service Director is prepared to speak with families by phone or email.  Such arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance, but it is best to notify us as soon as possible.

Camp Store:  Most campers will visit the camp store daily after lunch.  Day Camp 1 and 2 will generally visit once each week.  The store carries a variety of souvenirs as well as basic camp supplies like postcards, flashlights, tee shirts, etc.  The store operates on a cash-only basis (no credit cards accepted at camp).  If you would like your camper to be able to purchase items, please send them with cash.  Staff will support campers caring for their own money.  We encourage families to send their campers with a small wallet or purse.  Camp staff will provide small ziploc bags for campers who don't have a container for their money.  

Camp Store pre-orders will be available during the registration process, up until June 1.  Store pre-orders will be packaged and distributed to campers during their first visit to the camp store.  

Health Forms:  Each camper is required to complete a health form, per the New York State Department of Health.  The complete health packet includes:

  • HF1:  Camper Medical Information (typically completed online, in which case you do not need to submit the hardcopy of the HF1)
  • HF2:  Authorizations Form (typically completed online, in which case you do not need to submit the hardcopy of the HF2)
  • HF3:  Medication Approval Form:  This form MUST BE COMPLETED BY A MEDICAL PROVIDER if your camper is to receive ANY medication (prescription or over the counter) while they are at camp.
  • COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risk Form:  This is a standardized form used by all NYS 4-H Camp programs.
  • Physical Form:  This is from your personal doctor or school nurse, and must be dated within 24 months of your stay at camp.  You will be responsible for attaining and uploading this form to your online registration.  If you are completing your health information in hard copies, these must be submitted to our main office within one week of your camp registration.
  • Immunization Record:  This may be included on your Physical, or may be separate, but it must come from a medical provider.  Campers are required to have all of the immunizations that are required to attend NYS public schools.  At this time, campers are NOT required to be immunized against COVID-19, but we do require Measles vaccinations, among others.

These forms should all be completed or submitted in your online registration portal.  Families who are registering on paper applications will need to complete and/or submit all of these forms to the camp office within one week of registration.

This page will be updated as needed.  

Updated 11/28/2022

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