Join 4-H Camp Bristol Hills staff for some fun online learning activities!
Image by Jim Hooper

The Front Green

With schools out for the foreseeable future, and all those students studying at home, we at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills are rolling out some great new online content, giving you and your family a way to connect with Camp, have some FUN, and maybe even learn something along the way. Shhhh! That last part is our little secret! Don’t tell the kids.

Our new online programming series, titled “On the Front Green”, will bring you a variety of camp classes and other fun camp-y things, like cooking and crafts with Camp Director Jessica Middleton, and some outdoor skills like knot tying and a scavenger hunt, and how to set up a tent, with Camp Manager Jim Hooper. We’ll throw in a photo scavenger hunt, a campfire singalong, and maybe even a little bit of Camp history, cultures, and traditions!

We hope that you’ll join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am Out on the Front Green! Check this page for links to the next programs. We’ll be using Facebook Live, Youtube, and Zoom Conferencing to connect with you on these exciting programs!  

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March 18:  A Casual walk around Camp with Camp Manager Jim Hooper.

March 25:  Knot Tying on Facebook Live

March 31:  Sewing Medical Masks

April 2:  Nature Hike 

April 7:   Camp Cultures and Traditions

April 9:  Natural Egg Dyes

April 14:  Birdie Snacks

April 16:  Getting to Know Your Digital SLR Camera (Skip ahead to the 17 minute mark.  Recording started early)

April 21:  Galaxy Fabric

April 23:  Camp History

April 28:  No Bake Cookies!

April 30: 5-Senses Scavenger Hunt 

May 7:  Backpacking:  Planning Your Trek

May 12:  Fairy Gardens

May 14:  Backpacking:  What's in the Bag?

Last updated June 17, 2020