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Image by Jim Hooper
Image by Jim Hooper
Image by Jim Hooper

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THE MISSION of 4-H Camp Bristol Hills is to provide youth with a unique, fun outdoor experience under the guidance of positive role models, emphasizing positive social interaction, environmental awareness and skill building.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension system enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities and provides equal program and employment opportunities. Please  contact the 4-H Camp Bristol Hills office at (585)394-3977 ext 407 if your child has any special needs.

Prices shown here take effect March 11, 2024.

2024 4-H Camp Bristol Hills Brochure

Learn about some of our Camp Cultures, Traditions and our Song Book, HERE!

Looking to WORK at 4-H Camp?  Check out our job postings here.

Diversity. Inclusion.

They’re more than just words for us.

To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. We strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is not a reflex and not an initiative, but rather there is a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging that comes from doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

We know from experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative camp environment which delivers better results.

We are proud to be a 4-H Safe Space. Our first priority is to create a safe, inclusive space for learning, sharing, and collaboration, welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. Diversity leads to, but is not limited to: race, color, religion, political beliefs, national or ethnic origin, immigration status, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, transgender status, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, educational level, learning style, socio-economic status, physical appearance, body size, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. If you have questions about whether camp is the right fit for your child, please contact the  4-H Camp Office at (585)394-3977 ext 407.

Resident Camp 

July 7-12
July 14-19
July 21-26
July 28 - August 2
August 4-9

(Campers going into 3rd grade or higher) Resident Camp provides youth with a six-day, five-night overnight camp experience.

Campers get to choose their morning classes from a wide variety of options, and participate in those activities each morning. In the afternoons, campers participate in a variety of recreational activities that keep them engaged. In addition to their free swim time each day, other popular afternoon recreation choices include our water slide, hikes, sports, crafts and much more! Our staff provide special evening programs that involve campers in a variety of events like Bombardier, Crazy Fashion Shows, Dark Realm, and more. Our program is designed to give campers a beneficial summer experience that emphasizes fun!

Resident campers choose from a wide variety of classes when registering! When you register for camp, you will select your favorite classes and build a customized daily schedule, unique to your camper! Some classes require multiple class periods daily, as indicated in the class descriptions.  

Resident Campers continue the fun overnight, staying in our rustic cabins (just like grandma and grandpa used to do!). The cabin experience is what truly sets Resident Camp apart from our day camps! Cabins feature wooden bunk beds (perfect for flashlight wars, and silly bedtime stories), and electric lights.  Bedtime is an important part of the camp tradition, because overnight campers get to fully immerse in the Camp experience. This is what allows campers to develop a sense of independence that only comes from being away from parents for a few days. Many of our campers develop friendships with their cabin mates that last a lifetime!

Our cabin groups range from 6-16 campers and are grouped by ages. 

Cost:  $530 per week
Early Bird Discount:  Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Day Camp 

July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26
July 29 - August 2

(Campers 5-7 years old by September 1)

Campers get exciting age-appropriate activities, as they rotate in small groups to a variety of activities, like our Sprout and Resident Campers do. This rotation helps prepare campers for the future, and gives them even more activities to enjoy! They will enjoy all of the crafts, games, hikes, snacks and swimming time, as well as new activities each week. Day Campers visit the Camp Store each day after lunch.

Our programs provides a safe environment for children to develop social skills, decision-making skills, and experience the great outdoors. Studies show that socialization during childhood may accomplish more for growth and development than a reading, writing and arithmetic!

Cost: $390 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Progression Camp

July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26
July 29 - August 2
(Campers going into 3rd Grade or higher)

Progression is a great fit for older campers who want to enjoy the camp experience, but have other commitments in the evenings. These campers do everything the resident campers do, except dinner, the evening activities and sleeping in cabins. This is one of our most popular programs!

Progression campers participate in morning classes with Resident campers as well as afternoon recreation activities and free swim, but go home at the end of each day. Campers choose from any of the classes open to Resident Campers when registering. In addition to classes and recreation activities, Campers get to chance out the camp store each day after lunch!

Cost: $470 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Sprout Camp

August 4-6 OR August 7-9
(Campers going into 1st-3rd Grades.  
August 6-8 Only)

For many families, their child’s camp experience may be their first time away from home. Our Sprout Camp is designed as an introduction to overnight camp for campers and their families. This unique 3-day/2-night overnight camp experience is designed specifically for younger campers. It gives them a chance to experience many of the great camp traditions without the fears of being away from home for an entire week. The short-term separation is a good opportunity for parents, too, giving them a chance to practice letting go in a safe, fun, and supervised environment.

What do Sprout Campers do? They rotate through camp classes like crafts, hiking, swimming, nature and more. They also join the rest of camp for delicious meals in the dining hall, participate in exciting evening programs, campfires, and sleep in cabins with their new friends. Ultimately, Sprout Campers get to test the water to see what a full week of camp will be like!

Cost: $280
Early Bird Discount: Save $15 when you register by April 15!

Adventure Camp

August 4-8
Adventure Camp
is open to campers going into 6th grade or higher. 

Want to push yourself a little further? Want even more excitement? 4-H Camp Bristol Hills’ ropes course presents older campers with the ultimate challenge! Adventure Campers work in groups through a series of challenges ranging from fun and exciting field games and problem-solving initiatives to the thrills of the high ropes course.

Campers can navigate the treacherous “peanut butter pit”, or experience the rush of a trust fall, before making their way to the low ropes course. There, they might rescue the princess from the man-eating Spider or go out on a whale watching voyage! By the end of the week, they’ll be able to climb high in the trees to fly like a Squirrel, jump off the Pamper Pole, or take a trip on the Zip Line! Adventure Program campers do it all! While engaging in a “challenge by choice” philosophy, campers will develop group problem-solving, communication and human-relation skills. Campers also participate in other selected camp activities, swim in our pool, and enjoy specially designed evening programs. Here is a great chance to meet new friends while participating in exciting activities.

Interested in financial support for the Adventure program? Contact the office to inquire about the Charlie “Peanut” Plyter Memorial Campership.

Cost: $535
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Animation Camp

July 28-August 2
(Open to campers in 6th grade or higher)

Open to overnight Campers going into 6th grade and higher.  Space is limited, so register today!  Campers who elect to participate in Animation Camp will enjoy extended blocks of programming time each morning and afternoon, devoted to their animation project. After dinner, evening programs provide a more traditional camp recreational experience!

Grab your pencils and get to your light boards, it’s time to animate! We’re inviting campers to engage in one of the most enchanting and rewarding artistic mediums under the guidance and direction of a professional animator and mixed-media artist. Through Animation Camp, campers will learn about the underlying principles of animation as well as have the opportunity to create their own short animated videos through hand-drawn or stop-motion methods.

For campers who wish to bring their art to life, this focus-intensive program will give them the means to do so while also creating a firm foundation for future discoveries in an ever-growing and evolving field.

While this program will encourage campers to participate in art activities involving both hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, we’re offering a class structure that allows each individual camper to play to their strengths!

In addition to the animation classes, campers will enjoy a free-swim period, daily shower times, a visit to the camp store, enjoy three full healthy meals each day (plus snacks throughout the day) and take part in a variety of exciting evening programs with Resident Campers.

Cost: $585
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Leader in Training

July 7-12
(Now open to campers 14-15 years old by July 1)

Are you looking for a way to have a positive impact in your community? Are you looking to do bigger and better things in the world? Do you want to work on your leadership skills? The Leader in Training (LIT) program could be just the thing for you!

Some people believe that good leaders are born but at Bristol Hills we know leadership skills are learned and honed through experience and reflection. The Leader in Training (LIT) program is built around this philosophy. Campers in this program form a close bond with their peers throughout the week as they explore essential life skills that will help them develop as a leader. Campers in this program will participate in many of the traditional camp activities while exploring the underlying question of what makes a good leader and how to be a contributing member in a group, all while exploring their own strengths and growth opportunities. LIT workshops will include focused sessions on service to others, presenting to a group, teamwork, problem solving, planning, self reflection, and professional development.

The LIT program is a great program for any young adult who has joined the workforce or is thinking about joining the workforce soon. It can also be a precursor for the Counselor in Training (CIT) Program, offered to campers who are 15-16 years of age. It can be a great foot in the door for future employment at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills.  Camperships available for a limited number of participants in this program!

Cost: $535 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Counselor in Training

July 14-19 AND July 21-26
(Now open to campers 15-16 years old by July 1)

Do you enjoy kids? Do you think you may want to work with kids or young adults in the future? If you have ever looked up to one of our staff members and thought about being a camp counselor too; you can get a head start like many of our camp counselors did, as a Counselor in Training (CIT)!

This two-week program covers all aspects of a counselor’s job, and is supported with workshops with the Camp Director, and other leadership staff at Camp. These include focused sessions on counseling techniques, communication, and leadership, as well as providing opportunities for CITs to develop strong bonds with their peers and younger campers as they prepare for employment in the workforce and perhaps even as a counselor at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills!

The first week provides CITs daily workshops and hands on opportunities with campers to use the information covered in the workshops. The second week is even more hands on as CITs spend more time working directly with campers with the support of camp staff!

The CIT program is an intense, immersive program. CIT’s will work directly with campers, shadowing counselors during classes and other activities, and in cabins. Guided experiences with Camp leadership staff are scheduled throughout the day. The CIT program is designed to be FUN! There is a lot of important information packed into the two weeks, including a session with the camp director about the important workforce skills they’ve been developing throughout their CIT program and how to apply for a job. But CITs will also enjoy teambuilding activities with their peers and scheduled breaks to foster a positive camp experience. 

Campers successfully completing the CIT program in 2024 will be invited to apply for Staff positions in 2025!  Interested in financial support for the CIT program?  Contact the office to inquire about the Charlie “Peanut” Plyter Memorial Campership.

Cost: $635 per 2-week session

undefined 4-H Camp Bristol Hills is an ACA-Accredited® Camp! This is verification from the American Camp Association® that our camp complies with industry-established standards. These standards are recognized by courts and government regulators as the standards of the camp industry. The ACA-accreditation symbolizes excellence and our ongoing commitment to the children we serve. For more information about ACA accreditation, visit:

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