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We are currently accepting applications for the Administrative Assistant II position for 4-H Camp Bristol Hills.  Apply HERE.

Summer Seasonal Staffing Opportunities:

In addition to the application, we ask that you provide references.  A link with instructions how to submit your references will be sent by email once we receive and process your staff application.  If you experience any trouble applying for any position, please contact us.

Click on the title of the position for which you would like to apply.

Camp Director: Responsible for total operations of co-ed children's camp for up to 225 campers/week. Recruit, interview, hire, train and supervise staff of 45-50. Experience in administration and supervision in outdoor programming, education or recreation.

Assistant Camp Director: Assist Director with the operation of a co-ed children’s camp. Assist with training and supervising staff. Experience in outdoor program, education and/or recreation. Provide transportation to hospital for non-emergency situations.

Program Director: Responsible for afternoon recreational activities and evening programs. Ability to supervise young adults in an outdoor setting.

Day Camp Program Director  Responsible for designing and leading Day Camp Program for 5-8 year olds. Ability to supervise children. Ability to supervise assigned staff.

Pool Director: Lead waterfront program (pool), supervise and guide assigned staff and teach ARC swimming lessons. Maintain water safety procedures, practices and equipment. Ability to test water for proper chemical levels.

Counselor in Training Director:  Train and supervise older campers interested in developing leadership skills & working at a camp in the future.

Class Specialist:  (Shooting Sports, Adventure, Progression Camp):Teach concepts related to class. Modify lesson plans to meet campers needs and interest. Ability to lead and guide assigned counselors. Experience in and knowledge of assigned class concept. Responsibilities to includes serving as a Senior Counselor in the afternoons and evenings.

Camp Counselor: Camp counselors provide leadership, guidance and supervision for a cabin group of campers ranging in age from 7-16 years, within the larger camp program.  Experience in working with children, ability to teach a specific program and ability to supervise children in an outdoor setting. Responsible for a cabin of campers and for leading a class.  Camp Counselors must be 18 years of age or older, by July 1.

Assistant Camp Counselor: Assistant Counselors will assist Camp Counselors or other staff members with program activities and other camp-wide activities as assigned.  Experience in working with children, ability to assist with classes under the supervision of a senior counselor or specialist. Assist in aspects of kitchen operations including food preparation and clean up. Assist with cabin supervision.  Assistant Counselors must 17 years of age by July 1.  Applicants who are 18 or older by July 1 are invited to apply to the Counselor role.

Kitchen Assistant:KA's are a dual role, serving part time in the kitchen to support kitchen staff with dishwashing and other basic tasks.  Outside of their kitchen duties, KA's support the work of the Assistant Counselors and Counselors in the cabins and in programs.  KA's are residential staff, staying at camp overnight in the cabins.  Applicants for this role must be 16 years of age by July 1.  

Camp Nurse:  LPN or higher.  RN preferred. Supervise and enforce relevant NYS Department of Health standards. Work with Administrator, Director, Caretaker, and staff to provide safe physical health conditions for all.

Camp Clerk: The Camp Clerk will work with the Camp Director and/or Camp Manager to oversee the operation of the Camp Store, including daily sales, merchandise restocking, inventory control, and coordinating pre-orders with the Office Manager.

Food Service Director: Assist with the selection of cooks and kitchen assistants. Develop weekly menus and meals that are nutritionally complete and reasonably accommodate special dietary needs or restrictions. Procures food and supplies and monitors expenses. Maintain inventory of all kitchen materials and equipment and submit orders for replacement when needed. Schedule and supervise kitchen assistants and cooks. Ensure that food preparation, service and storage comply with NYSDOH regulations.

Assistant Food Service Director:  Under the guidance of the Food Service Manager, the Assistant Food Service Manager prepares meals in large quantities to serve 200 or more persons. Prepares meal choices for individuals with specific dietary restrictions or needs. Directs the work of kitchen assistants. Maintains a food preparation, service and storage environment that complies with NYS Department of Health regulations.

Food Service Worker:  In addition to assisting with food preparation, service and storage, responsibilities for kitchen sanitation include but are not limited to: cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, utensils and equipment; disposing of food and other waste products; storing food properly.

Camp Cleaner: Support the cleanliness of camp, with focus on the restrooms and common areas at camp.  Includes cleaning and sanitizing counters, toilets, sweeping floors, mopping, etc.

Last updated April 19, 2024