Campers fishing from the dock.
Image by Jim Hooper
Swimming Pool at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills

Summer Camp Classes

Resident & Day Camp 3 campers select from these classes.

Select six (6) classes during registration, and we will generate a custom schedule to get you into the classes you’ll love! You will be assigned up to four (4) classes, which you will attend each day.

Adventure- Feel the thrills and chills of the ropes course! Campers work through a series of challenges, working together as a team toward a common goal. The program begins with simple ice-breakers and high-energy games, and works through several problem-solving challenges, as well as trust-building activities before moving on to the Low Ropes course to raise the intensity to a new level! Swing across the alligator pit to safety, or evacuate a sinking ship through a porthole! Just don’t leave anyone behind!

Older campers, in Teen Adventure, will also experience our high ropes course. Climb the trees, and scurry across the Pirates Crossing or the Burma Bridge, 25 feet off the ground!

Junior: 3rd-6th grade

Teen: 6th grade & up, Double period. Not offered week 6.

Air Rifle- Taught by 4-H and NRA certified rifle instructors, this course is offered to campers 11 years of age or older. Campers learn safe and responsible use of an air rifle. Campers will experience a variety of creative and challenging targets. (Not offered week 6).

Archery- This class is taught by 4-H Shooting Sports certified instructors and focuses on shooting techniques. Younger archers use recurve bows, older campers take aim with compound bows.

Level 1: 3rd-6th grade

Level 2: 6th grade & up. Not offered week 6.

Cooking- Who doesn’t love delicious home-made food? Campers have fun making great-tasting and healthy dishes! Find out how to safely use a knife, the difference between a dry measure and a liquid measure, and much more. This class utilizes materials from Cornell University’s Choose Health curriculum and features great recipes as well as basic cooking techniques.

Crafts- This perennial favorite can incorporate a wide variety of art forms including textiles, painting, sculpture, miniatures, crafts from recycled materials and much more! Campers make several creative projects throughout the week, then take them home on Friday!

Fishing– Campers practice catch-and-release fishing, as they hook the sunfish and bass in our ponds. They learn to bait a hook, cast spin rods, and land the big one! After several years of major improvements to our pond area and fishing programs, this class is sure to be more exciting than ever!

Critter Care- Campers take care of a variety of animals including pets and farm animals. Roll up your sleeves and work with a collection of camp animals including farm and pet animals! Helping to feed, water, groom and clean these animals are great opportunities for campers to work directly with the critters. This class is ideal for campers who have pets at home or are just interested in learning more about proper animal care.

Explorers- Ever wonder what might be found over “yonder”? This class will give you a chance to hike over yonder and see for yourself! Use a map and a compass to explore the nearly 125 acres of field, forest and pond all around camp. Lace up your boots, bring your water bottle and sense of adventure!

Fiber Arts (NEW!)- This is a next-level crafts class, for those looking to do something unique. Fiber Arts can include a variety of interesting crafts like felting, spinning wool, crocheting, knitting, macrame, and more. Each day will present campers with new and unique fiber arts projects!

Improv!- Come laugh with us! Find out what makes improv work and why, as well as the confidence that comes with knowing that YOU can do it! Improv isn’t just comedy; it teaches you communication, outside-the-box thinking, listening and teamwork. Work through games, drills, and simple scenes as you learn the ropes of this comedy genre.

Outdoor Survival- Would you know what to do if you were lost in the woods? This class will teach you how to secure the basic essentials of food, water, and shelter, as well as fire building and much more!

Rocketry- This class introduces campers to some of the basic principles of flight including lift, thrust, drag and more, while demonstrating Newton’s laws of motion. Campers will assemble a model rocket throughout the week, and finish off with a BANG on Friday as they launch their hand-made rockets up to 1000 feet in the air!

Recharge (NEW!)- Sometimes we all need a break. This class provides a bit of quiet in the midst of the summer camp environment. Counselors will provide a different quiet activity each day where campers can just unwind and relax. Spend a little time in our community library, or take a quiet seat in the forest for a few minutes. Build a sand garden of your very own, and just chill out for a bit.

Sports- This isn’t your regular old boring sports class! Sure, we’ll have soccer, kickball and basketball, but we’ll also give campers a chance to try something new! Kick off on your broom in a game of Quidditch, take the field in a game of Ultimate Frisbee, or jump in the pit for some Gaga Ball. You just never know what kind of craziness your counselors are going to come up with for this class!

Swimming Lessons– Experts say that children five years and older should participate in swim lessons, and we are here to help. Our nationally-certified staff will instruct beginning swimmers on basic swim strokes. More experienced swimmers will receive assistance to improve their swimming skills.

Water Sports– Water Polo, Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo, and many other water games await our campers in this fun class. What a great way to cool down on those hot summer days! Activities are led by our nationally-certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors.

Last updated December 21, 2022