Camp Store

Our Camp Store features a variety of souvenirs including t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, hats, and more.  Also available are light snacks, boondoggle and basic conveniences.  The Camp Store is optional.  If you would like your child to be able to make purchases, please send them with cash. Your child will be expected to keep their money with their belongings at camp. Counselors will assist campers in handling their money. 

4-H Camp "Survival Kits" are available for pre-orders only, with a deadline of June 1.  The 2022 Survival Kits include:

  • 3 Snack Vouchers
  • 3 Slushie Vouchers
  • 3 Postage-Paid Postcards
  • 4-H Camp Coin Pouch
  • 4-H Camp Pen
  • 1" 4-H Camp Round Button/Pin
  • 4-H Camp Nalgene Water Bottle
  • 4-H Camp Frisbee
  • 4-H Camp Lightweight Drawstring Backpack
  • 4-H Camp Disposable Rain Poncho

The Survival Kits are available for $35.  Sold separately, the contents total over $44, so the Survival Kits are a popular option for families who want to purchase a care package when they submit the Camp Application.  Pre-orders can be made along with your Camper Application, and must be received by June 1.  

Prices and availability subject to change. 

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2022 Camp Tee:  COMING SOON!

2021 Camp Tee: There Is Always That One Summer That Changes Everything: $10

Vintage Camp Tee: From Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees: $5
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Vintage T-Shirt: 
I Came To Camp Expecting To Make Friends...: $5 
Vintage T-Shirt:
Always Expect Something Wonderful Is About To Happen: $5
Vintage T-Shirt:
There is Nothing That Stops Me From Being Myself When I Am At Camp: $5 
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Memories Just Waiting to Happen: $5


Every Summer Has a Story: $5

I Am Most Alive Among The Tall Trees: $5

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VINTAGE TEE:  Every Step of the Journey Is the Journey:  $5 VINTAGE TEE: Branching Out
T-Shirt: $5 

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4-H Camp Bike Bottle:  $3
4-H Camp Mug:  $2.50
Camp Stuffed Animals: $10 4-H Camp Nalgene Water Bottle: $12
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4-H Camp Journal & Pen Set:  $6 4-H Camp Coin Pouch:  $3 4-H Camp LED Flashlight:  $5.50
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4-H Playing Cards $6.50 Camp Postcards: $1 4-H Camp Frisbees: $4

4-H Camp Bracelet

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4-H Camp Wristbands: $2
Sunglasses: $5 4-H Camp Lantern, 7" With Compass:  $15
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4-H Camp Lip Balm:  $2 4-H Camp Hacky Sack:  $5.50

4-H Camp Squeeze Balls: $2

4-H Camp LED Headlamp:  $7

4-H Camp Glow In The Dark Socks: $7

4-H Camp  16" Beach Ball: $3
4-H Camp Plush Emoji with Keychain:  $4

4-H Camp Color Changing Mini Football: $4

4-H Camp Rally Towel:  $4


Ellen Rosenbarker
4-H Camp Admin. Assistant
(585) 394-3977 x 435

Last updated January 3, 2022