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Agritourism Resources

Agritourism as tracked by the United States Department of Agriculture's Census of Agriculture includes "recreational services such as farm or winery tours, hayrides, hunting, fishing, and other activities". Activities that take place on-farm and are open to the public are considered agritourism and can include all types of activities that let visitors have a unique farm experience. Agritourism can be the main focus of a farm, or can be a side venture to generate additional revenue. The agritourism resources below are meant can help farms improve their current agritourism operations or decide if agritourism is right for them.

  • Getting Started in Agritourism is a guide for farms who are beginning to venture into agritourism. The guide helps farms new to agritourism think through how to make agritourism work for their operation and can also provide useful reminders to current agritourism ventures. 
  • Gaining and Retaining Customers from On-farm Special Events shows how on-farm special events can be used to help attract new and existing customers to your farm. On-farm special events are a way that farms can have visitors to their farm without being a year-round agritourism business.This presentation is a full version of a workshop developed around this study, which was funded in part through a North East Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant.


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Last updated January 17, 2024