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Image by Jim Hooper
Image by Jim Hooper
Image by Jim Hooper

Day & Overnight Camps

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 4-H Camp Bristol Hills will NOT be operating a Summer Camp program in 2020.  For full details about our temporary camp closure, visit our Coronavirus and 4-H Camp page. Stay tuned for additional details about online programming, or potential camp programs occuring in the late summer and fall, as conditions warrant.

Here is where you'll find all the details on our Day and Resident Camps at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills!   Click here to download the full 2020 Summer Camp Brochure Here!

Resident Camp

2020 Summer Camp Brochure

Resident Camp is the traditional overnight camp experience.  Open to campers going into 3rd grade or higher, Resident Camp provides youth with a six-day, five-night overnight camp experience.

Campers get to choose their morning classes from a wide variety of options, and participate in those activities each morning. In the afternoons, campers participate in a variety of recreational activities that keep them engaged. In addition to their free swim time each day, other popular afternoon recreation choices include our water slide, hikes, sports, crafts and much more! Our staff provide special evening programs that involve campers in a variety of events like Harry Potter Night, Camp Clue, Super Mario Brothers and more. Our program is designed to give campers a beneficial summer experience that emphasizes fun!

Resident campers choose from any of the classes described on pages 6 and 7 of the brochure. Resident campers may also choose to participate in Masters Camps (requires advance registration on the Application form). Some classes require multiple class periods daily, as indicated in the class descriptions. There are four class periods daily.

One of the highlights for many Resident campers is staying in the cabins and forming close friendships with their cabin mates. Our cabin groups range from 6-16 campers and are grouped by ages. 

Cost:  $395 per week
Early Bird Discount:  Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Day Camp

Day Camp is open to campers going into kindergarten to 2nd grade (must be potty trained), and runs from 8:45am-4pm each day.  Children have amazing curiosity. This exciting program offers younger children an opportunity to experience 4-H Camp at its finest. Campers are able to improve and develop new skills through nature exploration, games, songs, crafts, and swimming. Of course, campers will have lots of opportunities to make friends too!

Counselors provide an environment that encourages children to attempt new things. They know that self-esteem and self-confidence are gained through individual growth rather than competition. With different activities every week, campers can choose to come one week or come all five weeks!

Day Campers will join Resident Campers in the Dining Hall for lunch, which 4-H Camp provides.

Busing for Day Campers is available from the 4-H office in Canandaigua (weeks 1-4, see p. 16).

Looking for overnight experience for your young camper? Consider Sprout Camp as a shortened 3-day, 2-night overnight experience.

Note: Due to high demand, Day Camp is now available through weeks 5 and 6!

Cost: $250 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Sprout Camp

Sprout Camp is open to campers going into 1st-3rd Grades. For many families, their child’s camp experience may be their first time away from home. Our Sprout Camp is designed as an introduction to overnight camp for campers and their families. This unique 3-day/2-night residential camp experience is designed specifically for our younger campers. It gives them a chance to experience many of the great camp traditions without the fear of being away from family for an entire week. The short-term separation is a good opportunity for parents, too, giving them a chance to practice letting go, in a safe, fun, and supervised environment.

What do Sprout Campers do? They rotate through camp classes like crafts, hiking, swimming, nature and more. They also join the rest of camp for delicious meals in the Dining Hall, participate in exciting evening programs, campfires and sleep in cabins with their new friends. Ultimately, Sprout Campers get to “test the water” to see what a full week of camp will be like!

Cost: $205 per session
Early Bird Discount: Save $15 when you register by April 15!

Progression Camp

Progression Camp is open to campers going into 3rd grade or higher.  Progression Camp is a great fit for campers who want to enjoy the camp experience, but have other commitments in the evenings. These campers do everything the resident campers do, except the evening activities and sleeping in cabins.

Progression campers participate in morning classes with Resident campers as well as afternoon recreation activities and free swim, but go home at the end of each day. Progression campers choose from any of the classes described on pages 6 and 7 of the Camp Brochure. Progression campers in 6th grade or higher may also choose to participate in Masters Camps (requires advance registration on the Application form). In addition to classes and recreation activities, Progression campers join all of camp for lunch (lunch is provided by camp) and visits to the camp store.

This program runs Monday through Friday, 8:45am to 4:00pm, making Progression Camp a great option for busy families looking for an all-day day camp option for older campers. Busing for Progression Campers is available from the 4-H office in Canandaigua (weeks1-4) 

Cost: $335 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is open to campers going into 6th grade or higher. Want to push yourself a little further? Want even more excitement? 4-H Camp Bristol Hills’ challenge ropes course presents older campers with the ultimate challenge! Adventure Campers work in groups through a series of challenges ranging from fun and exciting field games and problem-solving initiatives to the thrills of the high ropes course.

Campers can navigate the treacherous “peanut butter pit”, or experience the rush of a trust fall, before making their way to the low ropes course. There, they might rescue the princess from the man-eating Spider or go out on a whale watching voyage! By the end of the week, they’ll be able to climb high in the trees to fly like a Squirrel, jump off the Pamper Pole, or take a trip on the Zip Line! Adventure Program campers do it all! While engaging in a “challenge by choice” philosophy, campers will develop group problem-solving, communication and human-relation skills. Campers also participate in other selected camp activities, swim in our pool, and enjoy specially designed evening programs. Here is a great chance to meet new friends while participating in exciting activities. 

Cost: $395 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Master Camps

Master Camps are open to Resident and Progression Campers going into 6th grade and higher.  Campers who elect to participate in Masters Camps will enjoy an uninterrupted three-hour block each morning, devoted to their selected specialty program. Once classes are completed for the day, Master Campers will finish their day as a Resident or Progression Camper. Space is limited, so register today!

CULINARY CAMP (with the New York Kitchen and UR/Thompson Health)
July 5-10 ONLY

Do you love to cook? Are you interested in making the best possible decisions for your body? This exciting program couples a professional Chef from the New York Kitchen with an Educator from UR/ Thompson Health’s Wellness Department to provide a camp experience that will have you perfecting your knife skills, understanding food safety procedures, developing a menu, and helping a professional chef to prepare an amazing pulled pork barbecue for camper families on Friday afternoon!

The fee for this program is $200 in addition to either Resident or Progression Camp, and includes four days of training and experience at the 4-H Camp, as well as one full morning at the New York Kitchen in their industrial kitchen, preparing the barbecue. The program culminates on Friday afternoon when campers, along with New York Kitchen staff, cook and sell pulled pork barbecue dinners to camp families. Master campers will receive one complimentary chicken dinner on Friday.

Pulled pork BBQ dinners will be available to all camp families by presale for $12. Please contact the 4-H Camp Office ( to pre-order by Monday, July 9. Limited walk-in dinners will be available on-site.

Cost:  $595 (Resident Campers), $535 (Progression Campers)
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

July 12-17 
July 26-31

Grab your pencils and get to your light boards, it’s time to animate!

This summer we’re inviting campers to engage in one of the most enchanting and rewarding artistic mediums under the guidance and direction of a professional animator and mixed-media artist. Through Animation Camp, campers will learn about the underlying principles of animation as well as have the opportunity to create their own short animated videos through hand-drawn or stop-motion methods.

For campers who wish to bring their art to life, this focus-intensive program will give them the means to do so while also creating a firm foundation for future discoveries in an ever-growing and evolving field.

While this program will encourage campers to participate in art activities involving both hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, we’re offering a class structure that allows each individual camper to play to their strengths!

The fee for this program is $50 in addition to either Resident or Progression Camp fees.

Cost: $445 (Resident Camper), $385 (Progression Camper)
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

July 19-24

Recent studies show that an average of 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook and another 95 million to Instagram every day! Photography is so much more accessible today than it was in the days of film. Everyone has a camera in their pocket, and we can take more photos of our breakfast than Ansel Adams made in his entire career. But with the ubiquity of photography these days, it’s harder and harder to stand out as a photographer.

If you have a passion for photography, the Master Camp in Photography is the place for you. Facilitated by members of the Finger Lakes Photography Guild, this camp is designed for the camper who has a basic understanding of photography already, but really wants to elevate their skills. Campers will need to bring a camera with interchangeable lenses from home, and be able to adjust basic settings like shutter speed and aperture, white balance and digital ISO. Campers will learn about composition and the exposure triangle, as well as a basic introduction to digital post processing, and finally about framing and matting images for presentation.

The fee for this program is $75 in addition to either Resident or Progression Camp fees, and includes one 8x10 print, along with an 11x14 matte and frame. Campers will present their images in a gallery exhibit at Camp during closing ceremonies.

Cost: $445 (Resident Camper), $385 (Progression Camper)
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Young Women's Adventure Camp

Young Women's Adventure Camp (YWAC) is open to girls going into 6th-9th grade. Middle school girls are under more stress than ever before. Drama seems to fill the air everywhere they go. And in today’s high-tech world, rumors spread faster than the speed of light. What you told your bestie in confidence tonight about your boyfriend or girlfriend could be all over the school before you even get to sleep. The who’s-seeing-who, body shaming, changes in social status, and, oh yeah, that math test on Thursday is leaving many middle school girls with a lot of questions and not a lot of places to turn to for help.

This unique specialty camp uses traditional camp activities like swimming, crafts ropes course, and leadership projects, to form a basis for sharing and support with other girls experiencing the same challenges, and skilled counselors serving as facilitators. Many discussions are driven by campers’ questions, and the conversations can sometimes be emotionally charged. Topics range from makeup and clothing choices to “why are boys so stupid sometimes” to “why would my best friend treat me like that” , to the full spectrum of healthy relationships and more. Counselors are trained in responding to difficult situations, and strive to connect campers with community resources that will help them when they return home.

Cost: $410 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Camp Windwalker

Camp Windwalker is unlike any other at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills, and it is designed specifically for our older campers who are interested in a bit more freedom and independence. Camp Windwalker is a wilderness camping experience, with campers spending the week in our primitive camp site, living in tents and building their own community. Camp Windwalker is nestled between a forest and a meadow, on camp land about a quarter mile from the main camp. They are far enough to feel secluded, but close enough that help is nearby.

At Camp Windwalker, up to 12 boys and girls and two trained Guides will live, work, and play together. Campers will come together, with their Guides, to determine their own schedule and daily adventures. They will prepare group meals around the campfire (or camp stove), take hikes, play games, learn backcountry skills, and have time to reflect on the whole experience before closing each night with a closing campfire.

While the campers will ultimately determine many of their own activities, options will include a variety of outdoor skills like map and compass, GPS, fire building, natural arts and crafts, fishing, knot tying and more. They will also have the opportunity to hike in to main Camp throughout the week to swim in the pool and/or take a shower.

At its core, Camp Windwalker is all about giving campers a chance to create their own community, their own group norms and expectations, and to develop a sense of identity both individually and as a group. Camp Windwalker is a chance for teens to disconnect with the digital world, and build real connections with other people. This digital detox allows for authentic experiences that are powerful and inspirational. Camp provides a supportive environment where teens can make decisions for themselves, take appropriate risks, and learn from their experiences.

Camp will provide most of the basic essentials for this rustic, all-outdoor experience, including tents (segregated by gender) and rustic bathroom facilities on site. Campers at Windwalker will be required to bring additional equipment of their own, to ensure a successful camp experience. Campers should plan to bring personal items including sleeping bags, a small backpack, rain gear, flashlights, boots, toiletries, etc. A full packing list will be included in the Camp Handbook for registered Windwalker campers.  

Cost: $395 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Leader in Training

Leader-In-Training (LIT) is open to campers 15 years of age.  Are you looking for a way to have a positive impact in your community? Are you a real go-getter, ready to do bigger and better things in the world? Do people look up to you as a natural born leader? The Leader in Training (LIT) program could be just the thing for you!

The LIT program takes a broad approach to teaching campers many of the essential life skills that will help them become a leader. This program is a natural precursor for the Counselor In Training (CIT) Program, offered to campers who are 16 years of age. While many LIT’s will continue on to the CIT program, and eventually work at camp, this program teaches skills that are applicable in any path you choose.

LIT workshops will include focused sessions on service to others, presenting to a group, teamwork, problem solving, planning, self reflection, and professional development.

Campers successfully completing the LIT program in 2019 are strongly encouraged to participate in the Counselor in Training (CIT) program once they turn 16 years of age. Campers completing both the LIT and the CIT program will have preferred status for employment once they become eligible by age.

Cost: $395 per week
Early Bird Discount: Save $25 when you register by April 15!

Counselor in Training

Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Is open to campers 16 years of age. Do you have aspirations of being an amazing Camp Counselor, providing positive experiences for campers just like your favorite counselor did for you? Are you thinking of a future career working with children? The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is just the thing for you! Many of our counselors started out as CITs themselves.

This two-week program includes an internship in all aspects of a camp counselor’s job at camp, and is supported with training sessions with the Camp Director and other leadership staff at camp! These workshops include focused sessions on child development, behavior management, counseling techniques, communication, leadership, and environmental stewardship, as well as providing opportunities for CITs to develop strong bonds with their peers as the prepare for employment at 4-H Camp Bristol Hills.

The CIT program is an intense, immersive program. CITs will work directly with campers of all ages, shadowing counselors during some of the morning classes, afternoon recreational activities, evening programs, and in cabins. Guided experiences with Camp leadership staff will be scheduled throughout the day.

A former CIT commented that meeting and interacting with her cabin’s campers and their families was particularly rewarding. Scheduled break times throughout the busy days, as well as team building adventures with fellow CIT’s were also appreciated. The CIT Campout (weather permitting) has become a popular tradition as well!

Campers successfully completing the CIT program in 2020 will be considered for hire in 2021. 

Cost: $495 per 2-week session


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