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Parenting Workshops

Raising children is a rewarding but often challenging endeavor, especially in today's society. Because parenting requires significant amounts of time, energy, and emotional strength, it is not uncommon for parents to feel stress related to this important role. Our workshops teach participants parenting skills in the areas of understanding children, how to help children learn and thrive, effective discipline and personal stress management. As parents learn how to better understand, guide, nurture, and motivate their children, they will become more effective. Parents of children of any age can benefit from these programs.

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Parenting Skills Workshop Series©

Parenting is hard work but there are some basic skills you can learn that can make it easier.  The Parenting Skills Workshop Series© is a free, 8-week workshop series for parents, guardians and community members who are interested in improving the way they relate to children. During this eight week program,  you can learn five (5) skills that will help you deal more effectively with difficult parent-teen/child situations: Encouragement, Can Do, Choices, Self-Control and Respecting Feelings are explained, discussed, and practiced in an interactive, small-group setting. The class is taught by trained facilitators. Active participation and practice in class and at home are expected. 

Refreshments are provided and door prizes will be awarded each evening. Child care is available for children aged 8 weeks to 12 years. Youth aged 13 and older will meet with a separate facilitator for small group discussion. Gas vouchers are available. You may indicate transportation/child care needs on your registration form.

This program is FREE and is offered to Ontario County parents who are working with the Ontario County Department of Social Services, on a first-come, first-served basis. Other Ontario County resident registrations will be accepted if space permits. Note: Parents must attend six of the first seven sessions to receive a certificate of Certificate of Completion.


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Last updated December 8, 2016