For your convenience, 4-H Camp Bristol Hills offers a variety of staffing options to assist you in your stay.

Director: $200/Day
Nurse: $200/Day
Lifeguard $50/Hour **

  • Lifeguard fee includes Pool Director and one Lifeguard.
  • Pool rental requires a minimum of three (3) hours of lifeguard staffing.
  • Two Lifeguards for the first 25 bathers. One additional lifeguard ($20/hour) is required for each additional 25 swimmers.
  • Pool capacity is 123 bathers at any one time.
  • Rental groups must provide one adult (18 or older) to supervise each 25 bathers.


Ellen Rosenbarker
4-H Camp Admin. Assistant
(585) 394-3977 x 435

Last updated October 19, 2016