It's Not Too Late for Summer: Organize Your Marketing Goals to Share Your Story and Sell More

  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

When selling to the public, life and work is just a series of check list. Do I have the cash bank for the farmers’ market? Do I have all the salad greens packaged? Did I bring my CSA sign up? It may seem that marketing is just another thing to add to the list. This workshop will help develop your visual storytelling, marketing plan, and attract more customers. It is your opportunity to ask questions to a freelance journalist and leave with a marketing plan.

Click on this link to learn more about the event and also to pick up 4 social media tips to help you get your story to consumers. Matt Kelly, freelance journalist and writer for Edible Finger Lakes, is leading a session on visual branding and media pitching focused on farms and agritourism. The second half of the evening will be with Pilar McKay, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County, will help you set your marketing goal, choose tactics, and develop your plan – which you will create and take with you at the end of the night.

Social media is the only way to get your story out to the public for no cost. That’s why it remains so popular for marketing farm products. Jump start your social media with three basic steps –

1.Sign up your business accounts – you do not want to run your business account from your personal account. This is one way to insure that you won’t be able to separate business from personal life. We want you to have separation so you don’t wear yourself out. Start with Facebook by signing up for a page. Use a searchable friendly user name to make it easy find your business. If your business name is already taken, think about adding “Finger Lakes” or “NYS” so that you can still be found for your local customers.

2.Link your accounts – Now that you have Facebook, you can sign up for an Instagram account. If you link the two, this will allow sharing of posts. The only way to make your Instagram account a business account is by linking with Facebook so make sure you are clicking yes for the link!

3.Optimize your phone – Make that tiny computer in your hand work for you and not the other way around! If you have smart phone, download the Facebook and Instagram apps to your phone. Instagram works better on mobile devises. Next, download a graphic design app like Canva, which will allow you to design posts that are publishing ready. Who has two thumbs and a fierce new graphic design game? That’s you!

4.Schedule your posts – You know by scrolling in your feed that you can see whatever, whenever. In that way, don’t stress out about when you are posting – especially if it is going to keep you from posting. You will want to post before you are selling, while you are selling, and after you are selling. Maybe that looks like a night before post, a picture of your farmers’ market booth, and smiling customers when the day is done! Use a social media aggregator like Hootsuite to effectively schedule and automate your posts. There is even a Hootsuite app for your phone! Make sure you are aiming for a number of posts during the week that is greater than zero. 

High school students and 4-H members are welcome to attend if accompanied with a registered guest.



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Last updated May 3, 2019