CCE Ontario Board of Directors    

2017 Board of Directors

Pete Maslyn, President, Farmington
Kerry Adams, Vice President, Shortsville
Nina McCarthy, Vice President, Geneva
Charles VanHooft, Treasurer, Clifton Springs
Sally Mueller, Secretary, Clifton Springs
Sue Craugh, Canandaigua
Andy Fellenz, Phelps
Don Jensen, Jr., Stanley
Alfredo Resendiz, Clifton Springs
Sue Shively, Canandaigua
Pam Tichenor, Canandaigua
Lori Weykman, Clifton Springs

Fred Lightfoote, Board Liaison from Ontario County Board of Supervisors
Charlie Fausold, State Specialist from Cornell Extension Administration

2017 Meetings of the Board of Directors

5:00 pm at Cooperative Extension Center
Monday, January 23
Monday, March 20
Thursday, May 11 Board of Supervisor's Dinner
Monday, May 22
Monday, July 17 at Camp
Monday, September 18
Monday, November 20

Annual Meeting: November 9, 2017

Typical Agenda for CCE of Ontario County Board of Directors Meetings

Standard Agenda for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County Board of Directors Meetings

*Call to Order
*Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting
*Public Comment
*Liaison Reports
*Officer and Committee Reports
*Executive Director’s Report
*New Business

Public Comment is welcome.
All speakers are asked to observe these rules for the Public Comment portion of the meeting.

1. Time for Public Comment is allowed at every meeting at the start of the meeting, directly following the review and approval of the prior meeting’s minutes. Public Comment can be opened and closed by a board motion and vote of the board.

2. Persons wishing to comment must be physically present at the meeting and speak only when recognized by the Board President.

3. Persons wishing to comment during the public comment section must sign in at the meeting with their name and address. People may call ahead to state their intention to speak during Public Comment, but they are still required to sign in. Attendees speak in the order shown on the sign in sheet on a first come, first to speak basis whether or not they have called ahead.

4. Persons who provide comment must sign in with their name and address. Prior to speaking, he/she rises (unless prevented by disability) and states his/her name and address. All comment is directed to the Board President.

5. All speakers must limit his/her remarks to three minutes of time. A speaker’s time may not be yielded to other speakers.

6. Speakers are requested to observe standards of courtesy and good taste and may be asked to terminate remarks at any time by the Board President or another presiding officer if the speaker’s language is repetitive, profane, boisterous, threatening, offensive or unruly. Character assassinations or threats on people will not be tolerated. Audience members are asked not to engage with the speakers or with each other.

7. Public Comment is not a time for debate.

8. The board secretary keeps time and gives notice when 30 seconds are remaining.

9. The Board President, or person presiding in the President’s place, has the authority to end the comment period. The Board President, or presiding officer, has the right to exclude such comments at his/her discretion, prohibit further comment from a speaker who violates the rules and even remove a person for misconduct.

10. Speakers are welcome to submit their comment to the Board in writing for consideration and attachment to the meeting minutes. The minutes will include all the speakers’ names with a brief statement of their positions.

11. If speaking on behalf of a group, the speaking representative provides documentation for approval by the Board President that his or her presented views are those of the organization. This requires a resolution or official minutes from the representative’s organization be provided to the Board President of CCE of Ontario County.

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