Ontario County Agriculture Statistics    

Statistically speaking, Ontario County agiculture is pretty awesome. . .

There are 311,900 acres of “Important Farming Soils” in Ontario County (76 percent of all the land in the county).

Important Farming Soils are very productive for agriculture uses. They combine the best in soil quality, favorable growing season, and adequate moisture supply necessary to produce sustained high yields of crops economically. These soils are best used for farming since they can sustain high yield production with minimal fertilizer and energy requirements.

Ontario County rates in the top 10 percent of the “Best Places to Farm” in the United States.
Ontario County and nine other Upstate NY counties are considered among the nation's most fiscally robust agriculture communities in a report produced by Farm Futures magazine in April 2009.

New York’s Field Office of the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service

There are about 853 farms in Ontario County - small, large, part-time, full-time, organic, conventional, and combinations of all these.

Approximately 1,600 people are employed on farms or jobs directly tied to farm operations.

Farming by the numbers in Ontario County

Dairy cows: 19,598 milk cows producing 420,416,296 lbs. of milk annually.

Grain corn: 33,465 acres producing 4,299,517 bushels annually.

Silage corn: 17,973 acres producing 304,685 tons annually.

Soybeans: 26,917 acres producing 1,121,519 bushels annually.

Wheat: 7,769 acres producing 475,341 bushels annually.

Vegetable farms: 79 farms covering 4,126 acres.

Orchard-based farms: 68 farms covering 1,198 acres.

Nurseries & greenhouses (edible products): 10 farms, 67,112 sq. feet enclosed.

Nurseries and greenhouses (foliage, potted flowers): 30 farms, 86 acres and 184,432 sq. feet enclosed.

Christmas trees: 23 farms, 222 acres

2015 Profile of Agriculture in Ontario County

Detailed description of the soils, crops, and livestock of Ontario County, NY

Profile of Agriculture in Ontario County, NY


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