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Education services offered:
   • Soil nutrient and pH analysis
   • Plant/weed ID
   • Plant disease and insect
   • Insect ID
   • On site consultation
   • On line/phone consultation
   • Master Gardener Program
   • Gardening newsletter, Inside Dirt

Contact: Russ Welser or 585.394.3977 x 436.

Cornell's Vegetable Varieties
Gardeners looking for help sorting through seed catalogs can turn to Cornell's Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners for Gardeners website for help. Gardeners can register at the site to rate and review their favorite vegetable varieties, as well as those that didn't work so well for them. Anyone can visit the site to read those reviews and ratings to find varieties that will work best in their gardens.

Gardening Resources

A valuable resource to help answer your questions on vegetables, flowers, fruit, lawn, trees and shrubs, houseplants, pests and much, much more, go to Cornell University Gardening Resources, your portal to gardening information at Cornell University.

Control Tips for Nuisance Species in New York
Nuisance Species Fact Sheets

Nuisance & Invasive Species
Nusiance Species While people usually enjoy having wildlife around, problems sometimes arise when the activities of people and wildlife clash.
Invasive Species Invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment or to human health. Invasives come from all around the world; the rate of invasion in international trade that accompanies globalization. Invasive species have caused many problems in the past, are causing problems now, and pose threats to our future. Nuisance & Invasive Species

Rain Gardens

Creating a rain garden can be as simple as directing rain to an absorbent swale in your yard and putting in a few plants. If you have no existing place to direct your roof runoff, or if you want a specifically designed garden, this information will be helpful. Benefits of rain gardens include:
  • Increasing the amount of water that filters into the ground, recharging local and regional aquifers
  •Helping protect communities from flooding and drainage problems
  •Helping protect streams and lakes from pollutants carried by stormwater
  •Enhancing the the beauty of yards and neighborhoods
  •Providing valuable habitat for birds, butterflies and many beneficial insects
Rain Gardens


Giant Hogweed

NYSDEC Giant Hogweed Hotline: 845-256-3111.
Concerned individuals should call to report location of giant hogweed.

Resistance of Woody Ornamental Plants to Deer Damage

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